New …

New Blog

So I decided this place needed a tidy up, it was getting a little messy.  In an attempt to make everything that little bit more clean I bring you a fresh blog, which in all fairness does look pretty much like the old one, just without the content all over the place.  But anyway …

New Images

Yes that’s correct, I had a bit of a busy week recently and capitalised on the creative juices oozing from my person.  I think there are three images I’ve uploaded that were not previously on here, one of which includes a brand spanking new model of my Sivi logo, which I’m very pleased with.

Sadly, right now my external hard drive is a bit … unhealthy, and won’t turn on.  What do you do when your back up packs up?  So currently all my saved art work from years gone by is un-accessable and that’s really frustrating.  Still, me being me and turning a negative into a positive, it means I’ll just have to make a fresh new batch of material.

New Job

Well, with a bit of luck.  By all accounts I’ve got the job and been hired but I’m still waiting to hear back about a start date and the contract bits.  It’s all a bit unorthodox I think being through an agency.  I was supposed to hear from the firm via the agency three days ago, but the agency hasn’t received any information yet and it’s getting a little annoying as I require the contract details so I can pass them on to the estate agents as …

New Flat

Yes that’s correct, a new flat.  Myself and Leanne have found a place that we would like to start renting, close to where we would both be working.  Of course the trouble right now is we can’t proceed any further until they have solid proof of my job and earnings.  The flat was a great find, it’s as cheap as you will get for a one bed place around here, and it comes ready with all the kitchen appliances so there wouldn’t be any further expense on those.  Assuming all goes to plan, the move wouldn’t take place till the end of August, but even so it would be nice to be able to relax in the knowledge that it is ours come that time.

Concluding Thoughts

So it’s a frustrating time at the moment, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is undergoing emergency extension and it keeps getting away.  As soon as those job details come through, everything else will fall in to place and life will just feel that little bit easier.

Sivi, Lewis


~ by sivigraphics on July 22, 2010.

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