Internet, Whats that?

Oh That’s Right …

I remember the Internet, its that thing that I didn’t use or have for ages whilst staying at my Nan’s or when I moved into my flat, but now its back and unfortunately so am I.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t really remember EVERYTHING that’s happened since the last post, and its early so its going to be pretty damn brief.


Anyone who ever watched Homestar Runner will know that title refers to Coach Z, anyone else, it just means Job.  So yeah I did get that job eventually and all seems to be going well.  Its pretty much same old same old every day but the people there are good and its a laugh, I just need to keep at it so I can be as good as them because I stand out like a walrus in drag.  Thankfully there are some gamer types so I’m not the only one with internal nerd specs, so it makes for interesting conversation.


The flat I managed to get with Leanne is pretty much finished furnishing wise, the last few finishing touches are arriving today via my parents so that will look lovely lovely.  Its a lot more quiet than I expected it to be if I’m honest.  I thought the stereotype of a tower block was going to come true but its nice, aside from what sounds like a dog/baby cross breed upstairs wailing occasionally.

I Should Go

Why that needed its own title I have no idea.  Its half 6 and I start work at 7 today so I should really throw some clothes on and head out, good thing its only a 15 minute walk.  Now that I’m settled in and can relax I’m sure more graphic work and possibly level design will get accomplished so watch out for that.  Told you this would be brief didn’t I.  Righto, best be off.

Bai 🙂

Sivi, Lewis


~ by sivigraphics on September 9, 2010.

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